Flight plan

'Flight plan' is a workshop conceived and designed by Myrto Katsimicha & David de Jong. A pilot version of the workshop was hosted in NOTUS Studio on  Thursday March 7 2019.

This workshop is conceived as a collective exercise to help us identify ways of safely navigating in wuthering heights. Through a use of methodologies applied during crew resource management trainings, this workshop aims to introduce us to the basic principles of cognitive task analysis. In a series of group exercises, that address issues of stress management and teamwork decision-making procedures participants will examine case studies that will allow them to further analyse their individual and collective information processing systems and their response to certain situations that involve a potential threat. Based on the values of a human factor knowledge, this workshop brings out the individual and team human characteristics that enable participants to gain and enhance their situational awareness as part of a collective effort for self-empowerment.

The idea for this workshop came out of a friendly conversation between a curator and a pilot. While discussing about crew management trainings, a mandatory qualification offered by airline companies to their team of employees, we asked ourselves how can we apply the techniques used in aviation to further reflect and manage our contemporary working conditions in the arts?

This is a pilot workshop addressed to visual artists, curators, designers and anyone working in the arts that is interested in a collective process of exchanging paradigms and sharing life experiences and common concerns, a process that allows us to strengthen our support systems through connection.